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Sacred Self-Marriage

“It was exactly over three years ago when I took part in a Sacred Self-Marriage Ceremony. At first, the sound of it had several emotions come up for me – Narcissist!! You’re already married!! How will you explain this to your husband!! What will people say!


Having been born and brought up in a relatively narrow-minded Indian society, the ‘act of loving’ was an external affair. If you’ve ever doubted your inherent value, betrayed your own trust, lost yourself in a relationship, or felt there was something wrong with you for being single, you likely know the pain and disappointment of losing connection with yourself.


I felt a never-ending void that materialistic achievements did not or could not fulfill. I was hungry for something that I could not pin-point! My journey of breaking the patterns of a ‘nice-girl’ who’s worth was only determined by other’s validation has been one of the most fulfilling journeys in this race of life.


Although I have been practicing self-love and self-care diligently since the last 10 years, it was only in a high-priestess initiation last year for the first time I felt so completely and fully in love with all of myself! I felt like my own inner-lover!


Yes.. that was the missing bit! In love with me – all of my sacredness and imperfections. It was literally an out-of-body experience to fully own loving my DIVINITY (and to this date, it has been a pretty unshakable feeling!)


So, a Sacred Self-Marriage Ceremony was the right next thing for me then. But what is this Sacred Self-Marriage Ceremony?


Sacred Self-Marriage is a commitment to being there for yourself, to choosing the livelihood and lifestyle that will help you grow and blossom into the most alive, beautiful, and deeply happy person you can be, thereby able to truly contribute to the collective consciousness.


Sacred Self-Marriage is a profound rite of passage into wholeness, trust, self-responsibility, self-liberation, and love sourced from within. I knew this rite of passage was the perfect celebration of me stepping into my sovereign expression - a new beginning for me to RESOURCE my life through the deepest love that exists within me.”


By: Jonita Dsouza
Photo: Ulrike Lakshmi Reinhold