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Dawn Robertson, Founder/Director, Grab Them By The Ballot

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Naela - UK

   Embracing Your Wild Feminine

I can be cheeky AF when the mood takes me.


When I was a child I was always getting in trouble for being "naughty" and "too much": too loud,

In addition to my soft, maternal nature (an identity I most commonly show-up in), I also have a deeply wild heart and a distinctly rebellious streak. I often shake my body violently like the trees dropping leaves in a hurricane. I feel my desire flickering flame-like in my solar plexus.

When I want to, I can be quite fierce with my energy. I like to explore things for myself, embody the sensations, feel into the emotions and to draw my own conclusions. When I'm in this archetypal energy of Amazonian Queen, I embody the sensual strength of the woman who will not be appeased. The woman who, when called to, will fight and willingly lay down her life to defend what's hers.

I’m okay with being a fierce warrior witch!


Too chatty, too mischievous, too distracted, too confident, too hyper, too big, too sensitive, to wild.


I was that kid who is told not to touch the fire cos it's hot and who then immediately proceeds to stick their fingers into the center of the flames. I needed to feel things for myself in order to realize them as True.

To this day, stepping into the fire to be washed clean by its clarifying flames is how I learn best... or at least, fastest. It's how I die to myself, again and again, constantly up-leveling so that I can create and birth the next chapter of my story.

I need to FEEL my perception of things. I need to feel my understanding... it's how I integrated the conceptual with the experiential, the cerebral with the visceral, the intellectual with my own living breathing sense of what's REAL.


Nowadays, I no longer shame myself for being wild or big or for feeling things deeply. I no longer diminish the expression of my childlike innocence, nor do I feel the need to deny my fiery fierceness.

I fully welcome home my sensual wilderness. I no longer shrink myself or dim my shine to placate others. I choose to honor the wild woman in me, who's potent witchery and beautiful bigness will not be "made less of" or subjugated. I choose to embody my innate Feminine power and rewilded expression.

Today, I stand tall as a woman who knows the sanctity of her authentic "YES" and who honors the power of her sacred "NO".


I give thanks to my fire. Because when I allow my unique spice to flow out, it feels good... It feels like a reclamation of my birthright.