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Dawn Robertson, Founder/Director, Grab Them By The Ballot

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Breaking Free From The Norm

“I call myself an Intimacy Activist, facilitating workshops and festivals around the full spectrum of intimacy worldwide. I’m also a mother of three daughters and see empowering women as something more important than anything.


Because to me, it’s beyond understanding that there’s still a pay gap. that there are still way more men in powerful positions than women. That somehow the difference in importance of men over women still reflects through so many aspects of our society.


For many years I considered my desires, boundaries, and opinions of minor importance, resulting in dysfunctional relationships - or even friendships. It took a big effort in self-reflecting and support to understand the difference between the cultural paradigm and the truth that I want to stand for.


I felt super insecure about my body for a long time. I’m tall, even for a Dutch person. Taller than many men. I tried to make myself invisible by hunching my shoulders and adopt a shy personality. Until I realized it didn’t fit me. Now, after giving birth three times, I feel empowered and I love my body. I choose whether I shave or not, instead of feeling obliged to fit into a certain picture. I stand up tall.


Sometimes I pick up my children from school and look around me at all the other people. I can feel a sense of pride that I, as a single woman, have created a life where I can support myself and my family by doing the work I love most. That I design my own relationship style.


I’m not harming anybody with my choices. Yet society sometimes sees me, or even calls me, an outcast. What I desire is that we all support each other, men and women equally, to create a better world.


And that’s why I stand with my sisters in the US and everywhere else in the world, to step up towards reclaiming our bodies and voices. It’s important!"