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Dawn Robertson, Founder/Director, Grab Them By The Ballot

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Community makes such a difference in so many aspects of life. As a Chilean living in Australia with a New Zealand citizenship, I cannot vote or have say in any of my countries, and have always looked at community and culture from the outskirts. I have considered myself a rebellious lone wolf since I can remember, rejecting all sense of group empowerment.


Until I discovered dance as an adult. I moved to NZ at the age of 5 without knowing any english, and my parents and I went from having a giant family support system to being quite isolated in many ways. We had a small latin community where we would perform our national folk dances, learn about our music, and host exhibitions for latin-american artists. Observing and learning from the harshness of childhood school culture, I quickly learnt that fluidity and resilience  were some of the most important survival skills a human could harness. In Australia I attended a Christian all-girls high school and experienced complete disconnection to women and feminine energies. I floated through the following 18 years of my life with music being the only connection to my past, my culture, and my inner self. From classical, middle eastern, chilean folk to metal, the vast spectrum of music i listened to was my key to sanity. At 13 I was exposed to bellydance and electronic  festival music scene. At 23 I began tribal fusion bellydance classes, opening my world to empowered, supportive women and solidifying my role in community, having a gift to give back.


The growth I have experienced through having genuine connection to my femininity and my body throughout the last few years has completely changed my view on the world. I went from being someone who had to wear long pants and a teeshirt to the beach, to being absolutely comfortable in my vunerability. Judgment of others and self dissipated quickly, control of my mind, body and intention became a priority, and I have experienced abundance in connection to amazing women, feminine energy and strong sense of community. Every day I wake up super greatful to my parents, my teachers, my friends and music. Every day I experience synchronicities that leave me in awe. My life has become a ever-flowing state of fluidity and resiliance, and dance is the embodiment, the challenge, the lesson, the answer!

Photo Credit: Fotobiotic