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Dawn Robertson, Founder/Director, Grab Them By The Ballot

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 I dance to celebrate this divine embodiment of love in human form!

To feel the primal earth mother move thru me freely, awakening this hollow vessel of body and soul!


I dance to reclaim this sacred garden of life for my children's children and great-grandchildren and all of the generations yet to come!


I dance for my power & passion and purpose to be known by the four corners of the earth!


I dance to offer my self fully to the source of my soul's essence to connect with the heavens on the earth!


She shimmies thru me, and clears away the locks and blocks that once bound me to that which I was not! She helps me remember, I am wombyn bringer of life she who bleeds with the moon )O(


Balancing between the worlds, I dance to remember who I am, who I was and what I shall always be! I am Priestess of the moon, Empress of the Rose, Lover of the mystery daughter of the sun!


I am a woman, mother, daughter, sister, lover and beloved! I am a fierce guardian protectress of the pristine, warrioress queen, living in service to the birth of this dream.


I dance to the rhythm of the heartbeat that pulses thru us all.


I dance for the oneness that's calling us all, to remember!


I honor this sacred womb of creation in celebrating of the waters of life that flow thru me eternally!


I am mother source and pure love & devotion in motion, weaving with the serpents that rise and descend I dance my self into seventh heaven, where I greet the light of my home in the source.


I dance to let my spirit take flight and to the ground again and embody the light!


I am wombyn, my blood is my prayers to this earth!


In perfect love and devotion, so may it be!

Photo Credit: Selfie with a tripod by Kiara Springs


Kiara - Kootenays British Columbia,