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Dawn Robertson, Founder/Director, Grab Them By The Ballot

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The Body - A Device for Sensation

I am Sienna. I love my body and I take a lot of care of it. It a source of joy and a mirror to the external environment, a true radar. Tracking and scanning the sensations that it generates allows me for deeper relating with others and knowing myself better. As a tantra and somatic practitioner, my job is to hold space for one’s erotic journey. It’s important for me to claim my own exploration time after sessions.


Though I am very feminine, receptive and water like in my core nature, I like tap into my masculine side in the bedroom too, so when I go back to my female role it feels my potent and fuller. After all what is masculine and what is feminine is just a concept ( that becomes a role) and they both intertwine.


Photo: Mike Cohen