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Dawn Robertson, Founder/Director, Grab Them By The Ballot

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Oxum Karina - Kenya, Africa

Motherhood & Mother Nature in Africa

Hello, I am Karina, born in Kenya, Africa. 

As we celebrate the international women's day, I want to share my story about motherhood and natural childbirth for this powerful movement to liberate women’s bodies. As we step into our bodies and sovereignty to live in our full power, this message is important and universal. 

Woman thou art Goddess! The powers of Mother nature are inherent within us. We are Fertile and primal powerful creatrixs if we so Choose trusting in the wisdom of our body, the intuitive whispers of our Soul.  We are ancient primordial mothers, Mother nature's wisdom, we can create, we can birth with ease, grace, orgasmically as a flower opens her petals to bloom! 

Alright... The time has come to reclaim your Feminine Magician powers to create and birth our unique authentic birth and life story as you desire, through your free will, free from the mass cultural eyeglasses on how it should happen.  The time has come to unleash the wisdom of your body and our natural capacity to birth organically all that we desire into being. Woman thou art Goddess, you can choose to step into your Sovereignty Now!