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Dawn Robertson, Founder/Director, Grab Them By The Ballot

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Wild Feminine Power

I don’t care anymore If someone sees the piles of books on every table And knows my searching mind


Or wants to crawl towards me, gathering me in embrace As is sit in a windowsill in the first light of dawn


I don’t care anymore If you see the flowers carefully arranged Bought to make life more beautiful To make that fleeting moment when you brush past them Richer, more divine


I don’t care anymore If he fucks me just the way I need to be fucked Makes my toes curl in bliss Makes my body shake with pleasure I’ll see the books I’ll smell the flowers I’ll fuck myself with the white light of God I’ve waited too long.


It’s what has to be done. I’ll show you how to love me The touch The words The knowingness That my soul craves I’ll show you By loving Me First And most, with all the divinity I deserve.


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Photo Credit: Julie Harris Photography