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Dawn Robertson, Founder/Director, Grab Them By The Ballot

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Georgia - Canada

Aging Into Sexual Freedom

Upon reaching 40 years young, a few years ago now, I had this massive epiphany about who I was and what I wanted to create in this lifetime. It became clear it was time to surrender deeply into the fullest expression of myself in all ways; the mother of scared repair, the conquering drive business woman, the sexual siren, the self-actualized being regardless of gender or sexual orientation - building all aspects of my life without holding back any parts of my radical truth! The truth of what was uniquely mine to be without the influence of what I was expected to be.


I began to open up to relationship and life models that only suited me and my highest offering. What an adventure this has all been.


The everyday discovery of how I move in this world as a sexual/creative being and what I access from that sacred discovery of potent sexuality within myself. The dissolving of old sex traumas and the spaciousness for full creative explosion in that deepening with myself has brought about FULLYES alignment in my mission and the bravery I needed to channel for self-love and acceptance. I am thrilled to share with women the message of more intimacy through unity with themselves and their lovers.


How do we do that?!!


By opening up our feminine sexual expression in a myriad of ways: through embodiment practices, clarity of purpose, creative endeavors, authentic expression with our lovers and creating a new paradigm in a relationship that can be anything you desire.


My Co-Creator Silver Storic and I call this The Co-Creationship. It's 10 parts anything you desire and it is the re-connection thread for marriage and all types of relationships. We expand here. I feel freer to be me in this space. We are diving into a deeper more connected phase of life, in all ways through service, truth, and co-creation which we are sharing with people everywhere.


As one who identifies as a woman on this International WomXn's Day it is my greatest gift to offer clarity of truth around opening up to yourself.


Who are you as a sexual, feeling, sharing being without any misgivings about whom you think you should be. Stand in front of the mirror today and observe your magnificence, declare to the world that you are ready to feel full alignment in your life with yourself and others. Touch the gentle curves of your body. Feel more love than ever before because it is time to genuinely create whatever you can possibly conjure in this present moment, free from the burdens of the past, expectations, and doubt.


I am honored to travel this labyrinth of Co-Creation with each and every woman out there on her soul's journey in this life.


We heed the call for a more unified reality with the world and we are ready to embrace a time for reverence, compassion, deepening and connection through more love, patience, and tolerance for each other.


Photo Credit: Agoes MBX