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Dawn Robertson, Founder/Director, Grab Them By The Ballot

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Overcoming Categorization

"I am a mental health coach and an active member of the IAW (International Association of Women).


The "Grab Them by the Ballot" initiative caught my attention because I had to work hard to love and accept my own body. From being unable to take birth control pills, which cause me to experience emotional instability, to having a floppy post-c-section belly, anyone who doesn't know me would say that my body is my biggest enemy. But I don't believe that all about myself or anyone else. And nobody has the right to make decisions about the body of someone else.


Our society teaches us to objectify women (and men) based on appearance. We put people in categories before getting to know them.


My body may not be Cover Girl material, but it's been learning to love my body exactly the way it is that has given me my strength. And that is what I deeply desire for everyone. To fall deeply in love with yourself, exactly the way you are!"