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Women Of The World

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Women's March 2019 Campaign

Midterm Elections Series


"I participated in the men's solidarity photoshoot because I am a twin brother to the most amazing woman. We were born to parents who, from day one, treated us equally and allowed us to be exactly who we were as children, something that has stayed with the both of us for all of our lives thus far. My mother was also instrumental in the success of the family printing shop and my father made it clear that it would not have succeeded without her.


My sister has been my best friend, my confidant, my "better half" from the day we were conceived. Yes, we had our couple of years of hating each other as teenagers, but I have never considered her less than or anything else but my equal. We supported the Equal Rights Amendment when it unfortunately failed to come to fruition. We have supported the same women candidates and causes and have stood together through our share of pain, tragedy and discomfort.


My support of equality between men and women is not something I discovered, something I learned, something I had to go to a consciousness group for. It is the way I have lived my entire life. It is as much a part of me as all of the traits and ways of being each of us have from how we grew up. I have fumbled at times, I have dropped the ball with women, I can't pretend to be anything but human. But, I have hopefully made the necessary amends and have righted whatever wrongs I have done.


I have, in my work as a former U.S. Army medic, worked alongside women as colleagues, as leaders and as supervisors, I truly believe that I worked better with and for them because of my upbringing and belief in equality. Today, I work in the medical education field with amazing women and men. We teach medical, nursing and other students in the healing arts how to work with patients, women, men, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgendered and I was very recently honored by a class of the students I help teach for my contribution to their education and I know without a doubt that how I teach is based in a large part on my feelings about equality, not only between women and men, but between all of humanity.


To sum this all up, equality is not an intellectual exercise for me. I can't quote anybody, I don't have a manifesto. I only have my life's experience and a deep, deep feeling of being blessed to know, love, respect and admire many, many wonderful, brave, intelligent, fierce women without whom, this world would be a much less blessed and fortunate place.


Thank you for your work on all of this and for the spirit with which you do it."

- Christopher Hill