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Dawn Robertson, Founder/Director, Grab Them By The Ballot

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Australia, Austria, Burkina Faso, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Ecuador,  Egypt,  England,  Germany,  Guatemala, Holland, India, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Latvia, Nepal, Ojibway-Cree Nation, Poland, USA, Venezuela.

What’s next after #metoo?

Women from around the globe have submitted photos and intimate stories of womanhood to inspire other women to reclaim their bodies, sexuality and innate feminine power.  

No matter what country you are from the government is controlling your body, we confront the same issues worldwide and each woman has a unique story to tell.

Women of diverse cultures and backgrounds are standing in unity to show the world it’s time to empower and inspire each other worldwide. There's a common theme interwoven in all of these stories: women's right is universal human rights.


Together, we can release the old wounds of the past generations and step into our BODIES and sovereignty to live in our full power. It's time to bridge the divide between women everywhere!


We are also sending out a clear message: this is about CHOICE and women have posed with varying amounts of nudity. We are transcending cultural narratives to speak loud and clear about femininity and our bodies. With everything that women have been through globally, now is our time to show solidarity.


There was the Women's March that revealed the power of mobilization, the #metoo movement that allowed us to share our stories, and now, it's time to Heal And Empower each other to claim back our birthright.


The photo series will be featured on Global Sisterhood and Grab Them by the Ballot's platforms to celebrate International Women's Day.






Tell Us Your Story

Let us know a little bit about yourself (in 250-400 words)! Tell us what Grab Them By The Ballot and women's empowerment mean to you.  We believe that all people are unique, and everyone has a unique story - so share yours!


Photos Are Original

Please - only send us photos of yourself that can be verified! All submissions that will appear on our press releases and materials will require verification. Uploading a photo to Grab Them By The Ballot requires us to claim full ownership and copyright over the photograph and subsequent edits - this is to cover us and you!


Photos Are Not Over-Edited

Please, no extensive vignetting or effects over the photograph! The #grabthembytheballot slogan will be edited into the photograph by our professional team.


Photos Are Not Blurry Or Pixelated

All photographs should be at least 800x600px, and should not be compressed any further. Thank you!


Photos Don't Have To Be Politically Savvy!

Our campaign is about women's empowerment - the photo itself is a statement! Feel free to make a more direct political statement with the photo, but don't feel obligated.


Photos Show Your Best Self!

Show us your unique, best self! Make a face - or just give a smile!


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